Policy Guidelines

Note: The following policy guideline are the result of careful scenario planning. (This is a management tool which anticipates future challenges by preparing to meet them before they occur. It seeks to prepare for issues with a view to preventing them from happening in the first place; or by moderating their impact if they actually take place. It does this by employing the ‘what if’ approach,’ which asks, ‘Should X happen, how should we best respond?’)

1. The LCA is committed to freedom of speech so long as the following are avoided:
• Slander or libel of third parties, either within or outside of the LCA
• Pornographic obscenities or tasteless jokes about sexual activities
• Repeated swearing or cursing
• Belittling comments against minority (or majority) groups of whatever age, faith, race or gender
• Any speech or action that is likely to cause unnecessary alarm or panic

2. The LCA disclaims moral and legal responsibility for comments that members, attendees or performers may make on either the electronic or non-electronic media. Furthermore, the Committee reserves the right to distant the LCA from such comments should they become a source of public embarrassment.

3. The LCA is a philosophically and politically neutral body, committed to avoiding becoming dominated by one particular faith system or political ideology. It seeks not to propagate any one single viewpoint (this would include conspiracy theories which may disturb the mentally vulnerable). Rather, it is an umbrella organization wherein differing beliefs and opinions are respected (or at least tolerated).

4. LCA members are welcome to discuss philosophical and political matters as long as this is done in a mature, courteous and civilized manner.

5. Although the LCA is not a dating agency, it is accepted that relationships may well take shape. However, these are to be consensual and freely undertaken without any undue pressure or harassment. The Committee reserves the right to call in lawful authorities in the event of any predatory or stalking behaviour.

6. Performers and other visiting guests are responsible for:
• The content and style of their work.
• Their own health and safety in relation to themselves and any equipment they use.
• Avoiding any copyright violation or plagiarism.

7. Those participating in outdoor or walking activities are morally and legally responsible:
• To furnish themselves with the appropriate equipment, footwear and clothing.
• Ensuring they are medically fit to engage in such activities.
• Signing any disclaimer form

LCA cannot be held responsible should an accident or untoward event take place during any LCA activities whether indoors or outdoors.

8. The LCA is committed to respect the privacy of all members. In accordance with The 2019 Data Protection Act, the LCA will not pass on contact details to any third party unless granted a written or electronic (e.g. e-mail) request to do so, Information would only be given to a third party (without written consent) should there be danger to life or property.