A Timeline Of Our Activities

(Covering the period from the formation of the New Committee until May 2024)

Please Note: A weekly book group which brings people together through a love of literature and the spoken word. meets every Monday from 3.00-5.00pm (apart from Bank Holidays) has not been included in the Timeline for reasons of space.

Wed. March 15: Appointment Of The New Committee
Wed March 25: A thorough review of the LCA’s constitution and administrative systems begins
Thu. April 6: New Committee is formally constituted
Sun. April 16: The First Committee Meeting of 2023
Wed. April 19: The First ‘Open Mic’ Event Under The New Committee
Sun. April 30: A Walk To The Seven Arches, The Slabbering Baby And Adel Crag
Wed. April 17: The second ‘Open Mic’ Event Under The New Committee
Sun. May 21: A Walk Around St Aiden’s Nature Reserve South Leeds
Sun. June 11: The second Committee Meeting of 2023
Mon. June 12: A detailed revision of the LCA constitution is completed
Sun. June 18: A Walk Through Eccup Whinn Nature Reserve
Wed. June 21: Play-reading Night: A Mid-Summer’s Madness
Thu. 22.6.2023: Attended Lord Mayors Reception For Charities in The Civic Hall, Leeds
Sat. July 1: An LCA Table and stand is displayed at the ‘Heartfest’ an Open Day Event
Wed. July 19: Educational talk on being a Social Worker in Leeds
Sun. July 15: Rodley Nature Reserve Trip
Sun. 30.07.2023: The Third Committee Meeting of 2023, the revised constitution is formally adopted
Tue. August 8: Meanwood Park Walk
Sun. September 17: A Circular Walk To Breary Marsh, Cookridge Hall and Adel Nature Reserve
Tue. September 19: A revised constitution and sound administrative systems are finally in place. Our first publicity drive begins with leaflets being distributed and posters put up in key places.
Thur. September 21: Poetry and Music Event with Francis Russel
Sun. September 24: Day trip To Knaresborough
Thur. September 19: The Rise Of Combined Arts In Central Europe by The Chairperson
Sun. September 22: The fourth Committee Meeting of 2023
Sat. November 4: First LCA Theatre Visit to see ‘Bleak Expectations’
Thu. November 16: Medieval Music Night by Professor Peter Bull (27 Attended)
Sun. November 19: Bramhope Rail Shafts Walk
Tue. November 28: A Park Walk in the Hollies
Sun 10.12.2023: A Heritage Leeds-Liverpool Canal Walk To ‘The Dark Arches’ under Leeds Train Station
Thu. December 21: Christmas Fun And Food Night

Thu. January 18: ‘A Blast From The Past’ By The Published Irish Poet Bill Fitzsimons
Sun. Januart 21: A Winter Meal At Wetherspoons
Sun. January 28: Golden Acre Nature Walk
Sat. February 2: The first Committee Meeting of 2024
Sat. February 17: Visit to see the local pantomime ‘The Three Musketeers’
Sun. February 18: Walk from Bramhope Puritan Chapel to Poole and Old Arthington Rail Station
Tue. March 12: Roundhay Garden Canal Garden Walk
Sun. March 17: A Circular Walk to Leeds General Cemetery next to the University
Thur. March 21: A Screen-Printing Workshop; led by the Artist Erin Nicolson and friends
Thur. April 18: Re-appointment of the Committee at their first Annual General Meeting.  A PowerPoint record of the previous year’s activities was given. Also, the of annual accounts were distributed,
Sun. April 21: Weeton Circular Walk
Tue. May 7: Golden Acre Park Walk
Wed. May 15: Session 1, Back to Basics Arts And Crafts Workshop
Thur May 16: Bob Dylan – The Mood of His Time, The Poetry of Bob Dylan and the Swinging Sixties (Presented by Sir John Battle; former Government Minister and MP for Leeds West) (18 attended)