Book Group


The LCA Book Reading Group continues at every week at 3 – 5 p.m. on Monday afternoons currently in the Assembly Bar & Kitchen, HEART Centre, Headingley.

‘Death of an Old Master’ by David Dickinson –

England 1899, and the Salisbury Galleries in London announce the biggest exhibition of “Old Master” paintings ever seen in Europe. Excitement is intense, but before the exhibition opens, one of Britain’s leading art experts, Christopher Montague, is found dead in his study. When Lord Francis Powerscourt is called in to investigate, he finds that every book, notepad, and scrap of paper has been removed from the scene of the crime. Montague had been working on something that would have rocked the art world. Did the article that claimed a number of the “Old Masters” had been painted recently by a single hand have anything to do with his death?

Powerscourt embarks on an odyssey through a treacherous world of art dealers and picture restorers in pursuit of a master forger. He travels to Sicily where the trail grows cold, but, after the thrills and dangers of that lawless island, it is in a remote corner of the English countryside where the truth is finally revealed.

All welcome to read. Those who prefer not to read are welcome to just come along and sit and listen.