Book Club

On Monday afternoons Leeds Combined Arts provide a Book Group. This take place at The Meanwood Institute Green Road, Meanwood LS6 4LD.

This is made up of a small group of people who enjoy reading aloud. All reading is done within the 2 hour session which includes a 15 minute break for refreshments. All who wish, have a turn to read a chapter aloud, however members are also welcome to come along and listen if they do not wish to read.

New Book commencing Monday 10th September 3.00 p.m.
“The House at the Edge of the World” is the compellingly told story of how family and home can be both a source of comfort and a wholly destructive force. Cutting to the undignified half-truths every family conceals, it asks the questions we all must confront: who are we responsible for and, ultimately, who do we belong to? Entrance £2.50 including refreshments. All welcome to read or just sit and listen to others. Further details contact Carol on 07708 230333. |POSTER|