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World Dance Workshops

Commencing Tuesday 12th November 2-4 p.m. at Meanwood Institute, Green Road, Meanwood LS6 3HN

In our world today we find dance in all aspects of culture – in our gestures, in religious and spiritual ceremonies, in romance, in popular culture, in entertainment, in fitness and in art. Dance styles are closely tied to the cultures in which they develop. Each gesture and move has its own history and cultural derivation. The way we move with our bodies is both and expression of our culture and our identity.

In these workshops we will explore culture and identity by learning dances from all over the world. Circle dances are a widespread and traditional form of dance which exist in many cultures so we will be learning some of those. We will also look at other group dances and mind/body practices too. We will dance across the continents. We will learn about the roots of the dances and try our own feet at the steps. We will probably get it wrong quite a few times – that’s all part of it. We might never get it right – that’s ok. These classes aren’t dance instruction – they’re dance exploration.

Everyone is welcome to come and join. The dances are versatile and adaptable to suit each dancer. The classes are inclusive and welcoming for people of all ages and abilities. No special footwear or clothing is required. No experience is necessary as the dances are all taught first.

Entrance £3.00/£2.50 (members & concessions), including refreshments. |DOWNLOAD POSTER|



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