Photo Gallery

‘Dance the World Workshops’ (3.12.2019)

MBS ‘Crystal Sounds’ (27.11.2019)

‘Poetry Evening with Pamela Scobie and Linda Marshal’ (20.11.2019)

‘Dance the World Workshops’ (26.11.2019)

‘Dance the World Workshops’ (19.11.2019)

‘Dance the World Workshops’ (12.11.2019)

‘Storytelling Workshops’ (22.10.2019)

‘Open Mic Poetry Evening’ (16.10.2019)

‘Storytelling Workshops’ (15.10.2019)

Walk – Otley Gallows Hill (13.10.2019)

‘Storytelling workshops’ (1.10.2019)

MBS ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Personal History’ with Mark Tarver (25.09.2019)

Dance workshop with Emma Lucy at Voluntary Action Leeds Celebratory Festival in Hunslet on 26.9.19.


‘Tolkien Trail with Music’, Sunday 22 September 2019.



‘Circle Dance Workshops’ August – September  as part of our ‘Arts For Well-being Project’.

Meanwood Park Circle Dance.                 Circle Dancing in Meanwood Institute.

Weekend in Warwick and Stratford on Avon 30.8.19-1.9.19.

Here is a repository of all available photos from our various events.

World Circle Dance Workshops

(10.09.2019) Meanwood Institute.

(20.08.2019) Holy Trinity Church Hall.

(13.08.2019) Meanwood Park.

(06.08.2019) Meanwood Institute.

World Circle Dance Workshops (30.07.2019) Meanwood Institute.

HMF – Shaku (6.07.2019)

HMF – Nel and the Elephants (03.07.2019)

HMF – Dance workshop with Emma Sutton (03.07.2019)

HMF  – OWL’s 60’s & 70’s Tea dance at Headingley Parish – 1.07.2019

HMF – ‘Music Evening with Four Choirs’ 29.06.2019


LCA ‘Poetry & Music Evening with Emma Sutton’- 26.06.19

LCA Walk Around Burley-in-Wharfedale

LCA Walk around Woodlesford and Methely

LCA Walk around Apperley Bridge & Calverley – Sunday 23 September 2018

“Creative & Active” Social Project

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Outing – Saturday 4 August 2018