Mind, Body, Spirit - Leeds Combined Arts



Wednesday 24th May 7.30 p.m.
HEART Centre, Bennett Road, Headingley LS6 3HN
DVD on ‘Electro Magnetic Frequency & Natural Energy’
Harry Oldfield, inventor, scientist, thinker and seeker after new and forgotten knowledge is an explorer of undiscovered realms. For more than three decades, Harry has been researching his theories about life and its meaning. This research has led him to many incredible discoveries, including that of a 'crystal-dwelling energy entity' - perhaps another form of life here with us on Earth. One of Harry's main developments has been a photo-imaging system that reveals the human energy field (aura). This has become known as PIP which stands for Polycontrast Interference Photography. He has gone on to image what might be described as 'spirit presences' in morgues while conducting experiments under the direction of a professor of pathology. But this metaphysical or paranormal aspect of Harry's work is a by-product of his wide and varied research. One of his most important areas of investigation concerns the therapeutic use of natural energy.
Recommended donations £3.00 (£2.50 Concessions & Members) includes refreshments. |POSTER|