Wednesday 27th June, 7.30 p.m.
‘Talk on Why People Get ill’ with Natasha Mwitta, HEART, Headingley LS6 3HN.
The question, expressed in the title of this presentation, is probably close to everyone's heart...-and lungs,...and kidneys,...and feet..The speaker, while not being a 'bona fide' medical practitioner will, nevertheless, endeavour to combine the relevant current knowledge of evolutionary biology, modern psychology and pharmacology in explaining the nature of pain, the role of the body's Immune system, and the importance of still-controversial psychosomatic effects in the inception, development, diagnosis and treatment of illness. In addition, - and if so desired by the audience - the speaker will share her own remedial strategies in alleviation of toothache, cold sores and osteoporosis; the latter, being founded on engineering principles, might have an added appeal to Yorkshire folk!. Entrance £3.50/£3.00 members & concessions including refreshments.